The birth of Monkey Hill Farm

Starting a blog is a very strange thing. You are putting words on a page and posting it to the Internet where everyone, or no one, will see it. I haven’t posted in a while because life has been uncharacteristically crazy. You see, we made good on our, well my, lifelong dream of living on a real farm. After searching for about a year and a half we found an almost perfect place – a little more than we wanted to spend, a little more land than we wanted, but a cute old farm house that needed work but wasn’t falling down and the perfect location (you’ve heard about the three “L”s of real estate, no?). We jumped on it. We’ve been here just about 2 months now and have been focusing on the house while we are experiencing the wettest month on record (and when you live just outside of Portland this is no small amount of rain – like, every single day rain) so plans for the land are all but halted. Mr. Green, the stoic outdoorsman that he is, has been going out everyday and battling groundhogs, rabbits, and blackberries. I have been focused on a kitchen face-lift, cleaning, and painting. This will be our first Christmas of many on our new farm and I’m definitely feeling the desire to send words out into the world via the World Wide Web where everyone, or no one, can see. So, dear reader, if you are out there – thank you for reading. If you have an interest in gardening, livestock, real food cooking, and renovating an old farmhouse – stay tuned. There will be loads to come – and hopefully some baby goats in spring!


Happy Holidays to you and yours!


Some pictures of Monkey Hill Farm