Chick Update and life in February

IMG_3815The weather has been teasing us with a few warm(ish) and sunny days – all of which seem to be weekdays – and the trees are starting to bud. I even came home to surprise daffodils (well, I knew they were coming but as this is our first spring on the homestead I wasn’t aware of their presence until they started popping up from the ground a few weeks ago – this week they bloomed) which made me very happy!

The chicks have been growing insanely fast, last weekend (at 2 weeks old) they had pretty much outgrown their brooder so I moved them to their next phase which is where they’ll stay until it’s warm enough to move them to the shed. It is an XL dog crate which I wrapped in chicken wire to keep them from trying to squeeze through the bars. I’m not sure they could have (they definitely can’t now) but it wasn’t worth the risk; good fences make good neighbors when it comes to our dog and chickens. They are thriving and eating and drinking a ton! They are, of course, still leery of me but if I sit on the floor in front of the open door they will come right into my open hands. Their curiosity out weighs there fear, i suppose.

The black ones (3 Australorps and a black Silkie) are very hard to photograph well; the Buff Orpingtons also just seem a little more friendly and curious. Their feathers come in a little more everyday – we can’t put them outside until they are fully feathered, so we still have several more weeks before that day. They should have enough room in these accommodations – let’s hope!

Seeds were started and some things have actually gone into the garden already. I started snap and snow peas in gutters (I’ll post about that separately) so the first batch have already been transplanted and are doing well. Since we didn’t move in until nearly November and the garden was just a plan on paper at that time, the garlic just went in about a month ago, they won’t be as large as we are used to (since we didn’t get them in in October) but they will still be yummy, I’m sure! Tomatoes and peppers were started on heat mats under lights and are just starting to break through the dirt, they will stay inside until about May 1st, depending on weather.  IMG_3812

The days have been noticeably longer and that has really helped our ability to get things done. Pretty much since we’ve been here the only daylight I saw on the farm was on weekends. So happy to have about an hour or two in the evenings to enjoy this beautiful place. I am feeling so lucky to be here and so excited about the months to come.



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